About the competition

International Trimo Architectural Awards are granted for the best architectural solutions. The awards are granted for projects and to architects that are brave and innovative enough to use products in a creative, daring, different and new way.

We challenge architects and designers every two years to challenge us. Together we can always surpass our abilities.
Are you interested in the history of Trimo Architectural Awards?

  • 2003: Trimo Architectural Awards granted for the first time: 32 works from 13 countries enter the competition
  • 2005: 77 works from 18 countries entered
  • 2007:  79 works from 21 countries entered
  • 2009: 114 works from 23 countries entered
  • 2012: A total of 177 architectural concepts and solutions were submitted to the competition including 86 projects from 15 countries for the category “Future Dreams Award” and 91 projects from 23 countries for the category “Outstanding Design Performance”.
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